Current members:
Peter Ventantonio - Vocals and guitar
Chris Calello - Drums
Osamu Kawahara - Bass
Johnny X - Guitar and vocals

Former members:
Brian Johns - vocals
John Gilch - drums
Scott Hollingsworth - bass, keyboards
Nigel Schreiber - drums
Larry Martins - bass
Rob Santello - bass

At a critical time in NJ punk history (late 80's-mid 90's), STICKS & STONES stirred the youth with their aggressive lead guitar and folk-based rhythms, a straight-forward beat and numerous overlapping vocal melodies. They were truly ahead of their time in terms of musicianship and sounds, but they were also truly doomed.

Members later went on to form such notable acts as THE WORLD/INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY, JOHNNY X AND THE CONSPIRACY, and ZERO ZERO.

From "The Strife and Times" press release (2003):

In tribute to one of the most original and authentic east coast punk bands of the early 90’s, Chunksaah! Records is releasing Sticks and Stones: The Strife and Times, a 41 track set of re-mastered material that represents the band’s unique history. The 2 disc set celebrates the sometimes visionary, always controversial band’s 10th anniversary of their debut full length release Theme Song For Nothing.

At a time before punk “broke”, when most bands played it safe by conforming to formulaic funk, hardcore, or grunge poses, Sticks and Stones challenged what it meant to be “punk”. Along the way, the band hijacked their scene’s own ideals of non-conformity and dared its audiences to keep up. Blending Clash, Television, and Replacements influences roots with folk melodies, dark harmonies, and driving sonic aggression; the band consistently pushed the limits of the punk genre. Whether performing as a three piece or utilizing strings and synthesizers, Sticks and Stones never limited themselves musically and created epic music that roared with unflinching emotion. Although they did not reap commercial rewards during their career, their uncompromising stand for free thought and individuality within the punk community was not lost on their contemporaries, many of whom still reference the band as a guiding influence.

A staple of the early 1990’s NJ scene that included Separate Peace, Vision, Lifetime, Weston, The Bouncing Souls and others, Sticks and Stones challenged punk and hardcore convention, and in the process challenged punk to live up to its own promise. Sticks and Stones: The Strife and Times documents the band’s originality and progression from its hardcore roots to its maturity as a band that refused to patronize or pander musically.

“This release does a great job of telling the band’s story from it’s beginning in 1987 through 1995, with all the twists and turns along the way” says drummer Chris Calello.

Since disbanding in 1995, members have gone on to other bands such as Johnny X and the Conspiracy, Zero Zero, and World/Inferno Friendship Society.