This web site was built by a slightly obsessive fan. I found out about Sticks & Stones a couple months too late and have kicked myself ever since. The first time I heard them I was hooked and spent years going through used bins all across the country searching for their records (and still do...damn that first 7" and last LP). For a long time I tried to uncover the story of Sticks & Stones but there seemed to be a black cloud of secrecy that hung above it and that by talking about it one might become cursed as well. Years later I began working for Chunksaah Records and it was a dream come true to be a part of "The Strife and Times" anthology set. But it was still disappointing that Sticks & Stones would be a band that I would never get to see live.

In October of 2004 Sticks & Stones made a surprise appearance mid way through World Inferno's "Hallowmas" show and for the first time in many many years I was right up front singing along and getting kicking in the head. The following year I was ecstatic when they asked my own band to open for them. Building this web site is my way of giving something back to this amazing band and also to make it a little bit easier for fans to find information.

I encourage comments and feel free to submit news, stories, photos, etc. and I will try my best to get it on the site. Just be sure to include your info so we can credit you.

-Zak Kaplan |