We have updated the Tattoo, Painting, Media, and Links sections. Plenty of new pictures
for your perusal.

I will be featured in issue #23 of Tattoo Artist Magazine ,they are currently taking pre-orders
HERE. In the same issue I was fortunate enough to be able to interview Thomas Hooper . It is also my honor to appear in the same issue with my hero thom DeVita .

I also had the high honor to be included in Jill "Horiyuki" Mandelbaum's great new book "Tattoo Artist A collection of Narratives" it features: Adam Barton, Grez, Eric Jones, Henning Jorgensen, Gary Kosmala, Oliver Peck, Heath Preheim, Javi Rodriguez, Robert Ryan, Richard Stell, Chris Trevino, Jef Whitehead and Pinky Yun. You can purchase the book HERE.

Website update!
Thank you for visiting Sanitary Electric. I hope you enjoy the new format and style. I will try to be more consistent with the updates on any upcoming and important information. Check back soon and help spread the word.
- RR

Harmonize Most High

The Harmonize Most High sound collective features veteran NYC free jazz multi instrumentalist Daniel Carter along with Tim Kieper, Robert Ryan, Michael Sternbach, and Jon Francis. This NYC /NJ avant garde outfit have completed their debut record which is slotted to be released in early 2008 on the highly regarded Portuguese imprint Ruby Red Editora. Stay tuned for record release and tours in 2008.

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